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News › Sasquatch Investigations at the Pinecrest Site, California
Sasquatch Investigations at the Pinecrest Site, California


On July 23, 2009, members of the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers conducted field operations on the Stanislaus National Forest near Pinecrest Lake, California. The goal of the expedition was to introduce out-of-state researchers with local research methods as well as inspect the area for evidence. Participating in the expedition with Bob and Kathy Strain were Robert and Jamie Swain of Arkansas.

Figure 1. General location of expedition.


The research area lies on the Stanislaus National Forest at an elevation of 6300 feet. Previous expeditions to the area found the mixed conifer forest dense and difficult to pass through. Recent thinning by the U.S. Forest Service greatly opened the tree stand density. Animal seen in the direct vicinity of the expedition in earlier visits included bear, deer, fox, coyote, squirrels, and other smaller rodents. Only a single over-eager field mouse was seen on this trip. Vegetative foods noted during the expedition included gooseberry, elderberry, thimbleberry, skunk cabbage, and other resources commonly found in the area.

The night of July 23, 2009 was clear and the temperature averaged 80 degrees. A fire was built to provide much needed light as there was no moon.

Figure 2. Overview of expedition area.


The Pinecrest Lake area is popular with day users, campers, and recreational residence owners. Most activities are centered around the town of Strawberry, the lake and the campgrounds with few dispersed campers outside the concentrated use areas. The area of the expedition is a good distance from the recreation area and can only be accessed by a single 4-wheeled drive road. There were no fresh tire tracks (4-wheel or ATV) on the road or constructed fire rings, although trash was present.


The area around Pinecrest Lake has a long history of reported bigfoot sightings, large footprints, and unidentified screams. The Me-wuk Tribe has considered the area the home of Yayali, a “Hairy Giant” often found in their mythology. As provided in more detail in a Union Democrat News article, the modern era of bigfoot sightings began in January 29, 1963. The Strawberry Store maintains a bigfoot statue for tourist and witnesses can post their stories on their billboard. The most recent sighting in the area was in 2006.

Figure 3. Jamie and Robert Swain in front of the Strawberry Store.


The four researchers arrived in the area around 6:00 p.m. and began inspecting the area. No footprints or other forms of evidence were located. The Swain’s do not use call blasting as a part of their research and so the decision was made to demonstrate the Strain’s blasting system and methods. Starting at 7:00 p.m. and following every hour after until 11:00 p.m., one cycle of the Ohio Howl was played through a Sony 500 watt/4 channel call blasting system with four outdoor 100 watt speakers. The cycle lasted approximately 30 seconds followed by a period of quiet listening.


The Strain’s had previously call blasted in this location and immediately noted that the recent tree thinning allowed for the sounds to carry further through the forest. Unfortunately, the only response was received from a coyote.


Special thanks to Jamie Swain for being so helpful in the field!

Posted by Kathy.Strain on Wednesday, September 09, 2009 (23:15:17) (14144 reads)
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