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Sounds: Other Call Blasting Tools

Evidence Child Crying Vocal

Posted by Kathy.Harper on Sunday, April 02, 2006 (19:30:46) (2746 reads)
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Sounds: Possible Eastern States Bigfoot Sounds

Evidence Eastern moan whistle

Eastern whoop

Eastern Whoop Cleaned

Eastern call

Eastern RB1

Eastern RB2

Eastern RB3

Eastern RB4

Eastern RB5

Westmoreland PA moans

Posted by Teresa.Hall on Tuesday, February 21, 2006 (03:00:31) (4523 reads)
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Sounds: Known Animal Vocals

Evidence Known animal sounds. To view the entire list please click the "Read More" link below. (This area is under construction. If the sounds are not clickable please check back in a day or two - thanks)

North American Wildlife:

Posted by Teresa.Hall on Monday, January 30, 2006 (02:03:52) (3223 reads)
Read More... | 5682 bytes more | Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Sounds | Score: 4.66
Sounds: Possible Bigfoot Sound Recordings

Evidence The following links are to posts containing sound files.

Ohio State Recordings

California State Recordings

Sierra Sounds Recordings

Southern States Recordings

Washington State Recordings

Recordings from Unknown Locations

Eastern States Recordings

For interesting reading on vocalizations please see Alicia Bateman's article here.

Posted by Paul.Vella on Friday, September 16, 2005 (14:48:24) (2877 reads)
Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Sounds | Score: 1
Sounds: Unknown Locations Recordings

Evidence Unknown

Unknown 2

Unknown 3

Posted by Kathy.Strain on Monday, September 05, 2005 (07:57:11) (3764 reads)
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Sounds: Washington Recordings


Roger Patterson made this recording sometime during the 1960s. He created the call by howling into a megaphone. He often used the call to “blast” with in the field. He was the first known person to use this method to try and lure a Sasquatch to him.

The Puyallup Howl was recorded in 1973 by Marlin Ayers. A bird and a train whistle can be heard in the background.

The Snohomish Howl and whistles were recorded in 1978 somewhere in Snohomish County, Washington. The woman heard nightly screams coming from the gravel pit near her home. She recorded the sounds for nearly year. These are the only clips currently available to the public.

Gifford Pinchott Scream

Patterson (Roger Patterson's recording of his own voice making a call.)


Pullayup Cleaned


Snohomish Whistles

Washington Call

Recorded on Mt. Adams in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Posted by Kathy.Strain on Monday, September 05, 2005 (07:55:54) (6918 reads)
Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Sounds | Score: 3.22
Sounds: Southern States Recordings

Evidence The Mississippi Howl and Long Call were recorded by BFRO Investigator John Callendar in a forested part of Mississippi in December 2004, near a large military reserve. The rural area where the recording was made has had many sightings by local residents

Mississippi Howl

Mississippi Long

New Mexico Scream

Tennessee Scream

Texas Howl

Posted by Kathy.Strain on Monday, September 05, 2005 (07:53:11) (4199 reads)
Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Sounds | Score: 3.87
Sounds: Sierra Sounds Recordings

Evidence During the 1970s, Ron Moorehead and Al Berry recorded hours of vocalizations purported to be those of a family of bigfoots from a remote location in the Stanislaus National Forest, above Sonora California. These clips, along with others, are available at Bigfoot Sounds and are detailed in the book, Bigfoot, by Ann Slate and Al Berry.

Sierra Sounds

Sierra Sounds 1

Sierra Sounds 2

Sierra Sounds Whoop

Sierra Sounds Whoops Cleaned

Posted by Kathy.Strain on Monday, September 05, 2005 (07:47:57) (11964 reads)
Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Sounds | Score: 3.6
Sounds: California State Recordings

Evidence The Klamath Howl was recorded in 1993 in Del Norte County, California. John Freitas of BlueNorth.com researched this event, located the witness and digitized the recording. More information can be found on John's website: Blue North

Kathy Moskowitz Strain and Bob Strain recorded the Pollock Pines Vocalization in El Dorado County in 2005. The researchers were in the area investigating a recent report of strange screams and howls.

The Tahoe Howls were recorded in El Dorado County in 2001. These howls were recording at the same place and time as the well-known Tahoe Scream.

California Scream

California Scream Cleaned

Klamath Call

Klamath Call Cleaned

Pollock Pines Vocal Cleaned

Tahoe Howl

Tahoe Howl 1

Tahoe Howl 2

Posted by Kathy.Strain on Monday, September 05, 2005 (07:44:05) (6624 reads)
Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Sounds | Score: 4.57
Sounds: Ohio State Recordings

Evidence Matt Moneymaker recorded the Ohio Howl and Scream in Columbiana County in 1994.

Ohio Howl

Ohio Scream

Posted by Kathy.Strain on Monday, September 05, 2005 (07:40:22) (7986 reads)
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DNA Study Maps Human-Chimp Split (0)
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'Hobbit' Species Discovery Challenged (0)
Saturday, May 20
Apes Shown to Be Able to Plan Ahead (0)
Saturday, May 06
Dem Bones (0)
Monday, April 24
Setting the Record Straight: the Penn & Teller "Sonoma" Video (0)

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