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 The Looxcie2 (Look-See-2), an Always-on Dash-Cam & Ear-Cam
Contributed by Roger.Knights on 19-Jan-2012
by Roger Knights I’ve just discovered a new type of always-on video camera that is both a dash-cam (with the aid of a mount...
Topic: Research (No Comments)

 Roger Knights Returns with new Heironimus information!
Contributed by Kathy.Strain on 11-Jan-2012
You can download the two new documents at the bottom of this page: pdf file: Heironimus-only interviews w_o comment.pdf pd...
Topic: (No Comments)

 Archaeologist digs for proof of Sasquatch
Contributed by Kathy.Strain on 01-Feb-2007
Chris Bateman, January 26, 2007, Union Democrat BY DAY SHE'S the Stanislaus National Forest's archaeologist. With a master's ...
Topic: News - General (No Comments)

 ABOM: A Bigfoot Online Museum
Contributed by Roger.Knights on 26-May-2006
By: Roger Knights Chris Murphy’s book, Meet the Sasquatch, indicated how impressive an attractive package of visual eviden...
Topic: News - General (No Comments)

 Dmitri Donskoy: Biomechanical Analysis of the 1967 Patterson Film
Contributed by Roger.Knights on 22-May-2006
Introduction to the Familiar Version Here is the familiar version of Donskoy’s paper; nearly identical versions have appea...
Topic: Research Paper (No Comments)

 Dem Bones
Contributed by Roger.Knights on 06-May-2006
by Roger Knights (A shorter version was published in Bigfoot Co-op June/August 2004) I wish someone knowledgeable in the B...
Topic: Evidence (No Comments)

 Be Prepared to Shoot
Contributed by Roger.Knights on 25-Mar-2006
by Roger Knights A—Convenient-to-Carry-Cameras[/align] Chris Murphy recently stated, “We need to get totally away from...
Topic: Research (No Comments)

 DNA & Fingerprints
Contributed by Roger.Knights on 24-Mar-2006
by Roger Knights I: Fingerprints from Wood and Stone Here’s a link to Nov. 2003 news item on new chemical sprays that m...
Topic: Evidence (No Comments)

 Let’s Firm Up Existing Bigfoot Evidence
Contributed by Roger.Knights on 23-Mar-2006
Roger Knights What we need to do, to present a more credible case, is to “harden” our existing data. Collecting addition...
Topic: Research (No Comments)

 Make Public Funding of Investigations Central to the Debate with Skeptics
Contributed by Roger.Knights on 23-Mar-2006
by Roger Knights (Published in Bigfoot Co-op, Oct. 2001) (1st in a series of 3 articles) The question of investigative fund...
Topic: Evidence (No Comments)

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