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The Looxcie2 (Look-See-2), an Always-on Dash-Cam & Ear-Cam

Research by Roger Knights

I’ve just discovered a new type of always-on video camera that is both a dash-cam (with the aid of a mounting accessory to attach it to a car’s sun-visor or windshield) and a head-cam (using its Bluetooth-style ear-loop and ear-bud). It’s available on Amazon. It’s called the Looxcie2 and has these general advantages (among others):

• Low cost (under $200, much cheaper than previous dash-cams).
• Light weight (under an ounce).
• Compactness (about ¾″ thick & 3″ long).
• Convenience (it uses media-free digital recording and wireless “Bluetooth” video transmission).
• Neat accessories (including several magnetically mounted lenses that can be quickly swapped).
• Thoughtful hardware & software design.

Posted by Roger.Knights on Thursday, January 19, 2012 (22:32:36) (7972 reads)
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Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet (SPA)

Research Note: This document was presented by R. Scott Nelson at the recent Oregon Sasquatch Symposium as an effort to standardize transcription of reported sasquatch recordings.

Fm: R. Scott Nelson
To: Sasquatch Research Community

Re: Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet (SPA) (attached)

Since I became involved in Sasquatch research a little over two years ago, I have received dozens of e-mails from around the country involving first-hand witness accounts, many containing recorded audio files, of perceived Sasquatch Language. Virtually all of these have included an attempt to spell out Sasquatch “words” using Standard English. This is of little value to the language researcher, since English is notoriously non-phonetic and is subject to widely-varied local dialects.

Since our ultimate goal is the recovery of Sasquatch Language, I have found it necessary to establish a phonetic alphabet and transcription standard (based on the transcription of the Berry/Morehead tapes), by which the contrast and comparison of all future suspected language can be facilitated.

To this end, as an invaluable tool in the future of Sasquatch Language research, I am requesting that the attached standard be published on research web-sites and that it be copied and distributed freely. With this, I am also requesting that local investigators begin using this alphabet as soon as possible to accurately document any perceived Sasquatch Language.

This standard should not be limited to first-hand witness accounts or recordings from North America, but should be used by investigators world-wide, since most languages have many of the same non-phonetic characteristics as English. The work is written in the style of a military SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

It is my belief that there is nothing more important, at this early stage of Sasquatch Language study, than to standardize the documentation of evidence.

With highest regard for all those engaged in the work of Sasquatch recognition;

R. Scott Nelson

(hit Read More to continue)

Posted by Kathy.Strain on Thursday, June 24, 2010 (22:15:49) (12318 reads)
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Barefoot Running – A Pain for Us Footers

Research by Kathy and Bob Strain

Most of us have probably seen them – human-like footprints on a remote trail or in a dry river bed deep in the woods. You can’t help but ask yourself - why would a human be out here - walking around barefoot? Are the prints really human or are we so remote that maybe, just maybe, the prints really belong to the elusive bigfoot?

Recently a new phenomenon has come to our attention. It’s called Barefoot Running and Hiking. As the names suggest, these sports involves just you and your bare feet. No surface seems to be off-limits as many of the youtube videos demonstrating the sport are off-trail and in very rugged terrain (one shows two people hiking to the top of Mt. Whitney barefoot). Weather conditions also do not appear to be a factor, as several websites discuss snow and rain running as well.

Posted by Kathy.Strain on Thursday, April 22, 2010 (23:33:02) (10513 reads)
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Sasquatch Investigations at the Pinecrest Site, California


On July 23, 2009, members of the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers conducted field operations on the Stanislaus National Forest near Pinecrest Lake, California. The goal of the expedition was to introduce out-of-state researchers with local research methods as well as inspect the area for evidence. Participating in the expedition with Bob and Kathy Strain were Robert and Jamie Swain of Arkansas.

Posted by Kathy.Strain on Wednesday, September 09, 2009 (23:15:17) (15834 reads)
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Possible Food Sources For Sasquatch In Oregon


By Kathy Harper

Part One: Fruits and Berries

The following is the first in a list of possible food sources for Sasquatch in Oregon. I have noted the season in which the fruit ripens. Please note that many fruits will remain on the tree or bush well into winter providing valuable food sources for birds and mammals. Also note that ripening times will vary throughout the state.

Posted by Kathy.Harper on Tuesday, June 26, 2007 (18:59:17) (9724 reads)
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Protocol: How to Video or Photograph a Sasquatch

Research Article by Paul Vella - adapted from his post to bigfootforums.com 10th September 2002

In recent years, Patterson's film has come under a lot of scrutiny and criticism, and rightly so - if it is to be presented as evidence of the existence of Bigfoot, then it must stand up to rigorous scrutiny.

Patterson's film is now nearly forty years old, and much has changed in the world of evidential procedures since then - this article is intended to highlight some of the areas that should be considered should you ever get lucky enough to video or photograph one of these creatures.

Posted by Paul.Vella on Sunday, January 14, 2007 (15:26:28) (8034 reads)
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Be Prepared to Shoot

Research by Roger Knights


Chris Murphy recently stated, “We need to get totally away from the [PG] film. This requires getting another film or video—tough call.” Dahinden made a similar plea for more filmed evidence: “I just don’t want to hear another man who says he’s seen a Sasquatch. Take a camera and a gun. You have no business out there without them.”

Despite his advice, many folks have failed to heed it, and have kicked themselves for not carrying a camera. Eventually this problem should ease, since many of us will habitually carry cell phones with built-in cameras, which would have caught many of the shots that were missed in the past. However, for those who don’t now have or won’t soon get such an item, I want to publicize the existence of cameras that are convenient to have at hand. In order of increasing cost and desirability, these are:

Posted by Roger.Knights on Saturday, March 25, 2006 (04:06:14) (8691 reads)
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Let’s Firm Up Existing Bigfoot Evidence

Research Roger Knights

What we need to do, to present a more credible case, is to “harden” our existing data. Collecting additional sighting reports, or hunting for the creature out in the wild, offer a much lower payoff. Here are eight instances where data-firming on existing evidence has already made Bigfoot more credible to primate experts like Jane Goodall and Daris Swindler:

Posted by Roger.Knights on Thursday, March 23, 2006 (17:31:45) (5779 reads)
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The Day After B-Day

Research by Roger Knights

(A Shorter Version Was Published in Bigfoot Co-Op, June 2003)
(3rd in a series of 3 articles)[/align]

Bigfoot's Day is close at hand. It will be a day of scientific upheaval—of rewriting textbooks—a day of an astounded public—of religious soul-searching—but nevertheless, a day that is as sure in coming as life and death in our universe.

Roger Patterson, Bigfoot (1968 pamphlet), concluding words.

B-Day stands for Bigfoot Day: the time we’ve all been waiting for. I like to envisage it as follows, because of its dramatic pictorial element: A logger comes across a recently dead Bigfoot body. He’s read (on the Internet) Krantz’s and Green’s advice to cut off a piece and show it to the media at once. So he removes the head with his chainsaw and takes it to the nearest local newspaper office. They photograph him holding it up by its hair in his right hand, while he looks down and to the left. In other words, he mirrors the classic pose of Perseus lofting the Medusa’s head. (To mimic Perseus’s pushed-up helmet, his goggles rest high on his forehead.) This riveting picture, printed on the front page of every newspaper around the world, would silently shout “Debunk THIS!” Ah, how sweet such a victory would be!

For now, most of us believers are almost completely focused on getting to the top of that mountain—i.e., convincing the world that Bigfoot exists. We haven’t thought much about what would come after that.

Posted by Roger.Knights on Thursday, March 23, 2006 (04:17:33) (3277 reads)
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African Apes and Ethnomedicine

Research Gorilla Journal 25, December 2002

African Apes and Ethnomedicine
Don Cousins

Convincing evidence for self-medication in wild chimpanzees has accumulated over the past 25 years or so. Observations have identified self-treatment for parasitosis and related illnesses through leaf-swallowing and bitter pith chewing, and it has been discovered that plants used by the apes are identical to those used by local human populations for their own medications.

Posted by Kathy.Harper on Wednesday, March 22, 2006 (04:47:13) (3654 reads)
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DNA Study Maps Human-Chimp Split (0)
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Setting the Record Straight: the Penn & Teller "Sonoma" Video (0)
Friday, April 21
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