The Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers
Wednesday, December 22, 2010 (18:42:28)

Posted by Kathy.Strain

The Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers is a non-profit organization of individuals dedicated to the research and conservation of the species of animal known to Native Americans for centuries by many names, but today called "Sasquatch" or "Bigfoot."

The formation of this organization was predicated by many factors, including the fact that this species has yet to be recognized by the mainstream scientific community. In recent history, many smaller organizations have been formed to investigate and attempt to document the existence of this species, but as of yet, with little success. Many of these organizations have been "exclusive", with stringent restrictions on membership, and while several have cooperated in the exchange of ideas and information, many have not.

Research and investigative efforts have been duplicated with varying results. Much valuable information has undoubtedly been compromised due to the use of inappropriate methods, or worst yet, completely lost due to many different reasons. One mission of this organization is to minimize these detrimental factors, and to use proper scientific methods to document the existence of this species.

Another mission of this organization is to act as an advocate for conservation of the species of Sasquatch. Much of the prime habitat of this species has already been lost due to urban and rural development, as well as many other reasons. It is the hope of this organization that with collaboration of the scientific community, with the cooperation of independent researchers worldwide, and with adequate and appropriate public education, this process may be hedged.

The Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers is an organization formed of individuals with many different levels of education, training, experience, and specialties. The membership elects new members and the leadership. A board of directors governs the AIBR by setting all policies and managing the day to day operations.

Currently the Board of Directors consists of Bob Strain, Chair; Brian Brown, Vice Chair; Jerry Riedel, Secretary; Kathy Strain, Treasurer; Monica Rawlins, Sgt. at Arms; Tom Yamarone; Don Stockton; David Osborne; Sean Forker; and Billy Willard.

To keep us ethical, professional, and scientific, the AIBR also has a Board of Advisors. The purpose of the Board of Advisors is to consider and provide feedback on any questions, concerns, policies, goals, and objectives that are part of the operational or developmental process of the Board of Directors. The Board of Advisors is first and foremost a system of peer review. This guarantees to the public, other similar organizations, and members that the policies and procedures of the organization are the best that can be offered at the present time, and that those policies and procedures are always under review and subject to on-going modification when necessary.

Current Board of Advisors includes Dr. Jeff Meldrum, John Green, Jimmy Chilcutt, Rick Noll, Owen Caddy, and John Mionczynski.

The species of Sasquatch is believed by this organization to be real and valid, and it is the hope of this organization to bring this magnificent species into the public eye through responsible and cooperative research and conservation methods.

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