Protocols and Tools for the Bigfoot Researcher
Thursday, November 02, 2006 (15:59:13)

Posted by Kathy.Strain

Do you want to know more about evidence collection? Looking for some ideas on equipment? Here are some protocols, tools, and advice for you to help you in your search for the Bigfoot evidence.

How to Write an Expedition Report

The Use of Archaeological Methods in the Collection of Data Related to Alleged Sasquatch Activity

Equipment for Field Investigations

Tip for Collecting Physical Evidence

Baiting Methods

Tree Breaks

Sound Blasting

Analysis of Sasquatch Vocalizations

Known Animal Sounds

Purported Bigfoot Sounds

Geospatial Data


Investigation of a Nest

Finding and Casting Footprints

How to Copy Sasquatch Footprint Casts

How to Video or Photograph a Sasquatch

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