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News › Woman has sighting near Sonora, California
Woman has sighting near Sonora, California

Date of report: March 15, 2013

Date of Incident: July 2012

Time of incident: between 9 & 9:30 pm

Location: Tuolumne County, near Strawberry, California

How many witnesses were there (including yourself)? I was alone

Please give as full a description of the sighting: I remember it was a Friday night sometime between 9 & 9:30 pm in July of 2012. The exact date I can't say for sure, but I believe it was in the first week of July. It was during the full moon. I was on my way to Reno, by way of heading over Sonora Pass. Just above Strawberry, I pulled over to dig out my iphone so I could plug it in and listen to a podcast over the radio when off to the right & up on this short embankment that was right there where I pulled over I noticed a great big pair of red eyes pretty far up in this tree. They were so far up off the ground I just naturally assumed it was an owl. This tree was I'd say not more that 15 to 20 feet from where I sat in the drivers seat of my car.

I sat staring at these eyes and these eyes were staring back at me for a minute, maybe more. I feel that I got a good long look at these red eyes staring back at me. When all of a sudden these eyes stepped out from behind this tree. I remember thinking, this ain't no owl. The moon was rising behind the trees so what I saw was silhouetted. I saw the silhouette of this very, very tall creature. I couldn't make out any details of the face, well, except for those piercing red eyes, and I would have to of been blind not to have seen those, but what I could make out was that it had a sort of pointy head, or at least it looked that way to me and the head and shoulders along with the left arm were covered in fur. The right arm I didn't make out. I didn't see the bottom half, or at least I don't remember seeing it, but the top half was immediately apparent against the moonlight. After stepping out from behind this tree it paused for a couple seconds, the whole time never taking it's eyes off me. I say this because the eyes were so big and so bright red that it was easy to tell it was looking at me. And believe you me I wasn't about to take my eyes off of it either. It then took a step toward me as I sat in my car, engine running, lights on, no radio on though.

In looking back on this in hindsight it's as tho I was looking at this thing in some kind of hypnotic trance. I really was absolutely mesmerized. I know this must sound crazy to you, but with that said, my story told as truthfully and as close to the facts as I can possibly tell it is what I can do. So... this thing stepping toward the car really scared me which I now think may have been what jolted me back into reality. One step was enough! I wasted no time throwing it in drive and took off as fast as my little 2010 Rav4 would take me. That's pretty much it, my story. If I hadn't seen the silhouette of this creature in the moonlight I wouldn't be able to say what I think I had seen, but I did see it. These woods have been my home for 37 years. I've lived between the towns of Long Barn and Twain Harte for all of these 37 years. I do know all of the different creatures living in these woods. That is, until I saw this one. Now, good luck getting me to travel over Sonora Pass at night by myself. I've been wanting to report this sighting to someone, but have been unsure as to whom to report it to. . Then just tonight I stumbled onto a podcast that had Bob and Kathy Strain on it so thought I would contact you folks with my story. I like that your located here in my backyard so are familiar with the geography and towns. That and just how approachable you seem has made me feel more comfortable talking to you.

Describe the location of the sighting: There was a small turnout just above Strawberry. Not more than a couple miles. Not yet to Eagle Meadows. Right there where I pulled over was a short embankment. At the top of this embankment it leveled off (of at least I think it did). All around it was forested. There was a drop off of how much I'm unsure on the opposite side of the road. I could see trees coming up on the other side of the road even tho there was a bit of a drop there. There could have been a view in this spot, but it was dark so I might be wrong about that. There were no houses or lights of any kind in any direction around me. No one passed by on the road in either direction while I was sitting there either.

What was the weather like that day? Clear, beautiful summer day and night. Of this I am sure.

What was the light like? It was a full moon which was rising behind the trees directly behind where this creature was standing.

What was the nearest source of water? The Stanislaus River. I guess there could be a creek nearby there, but I'm not sure of that.

Did you see any other animals at the time? Nope. I saw no other animals during or after this encounter. In fact, I saw no other animals the whole way to Reno. Unusual.

Do you think the animal realized it was being observed? You bet it knew. It was observing me first. We practically had a stare down for christsakes.

Did the animal make any sounds during the incident? No sounds that I heard. No smells either.

Is there anything else we should know at this stage? Just that I am so sorry that I didn't get a pic of those eyes. Hindsight really is 20 20 I guess.


Follow up report by Kathy Strain:

I talked with the witness by phone on March 22, 2013. Report was accurate as written. She was heading north to go over Sonora Pass. The sighting happened on the right shoulder of the road not far from Strawberry. She felt that she may have seen eye shine on both sides of the road. The eye glow was described as being an orange/red color much like lava. She estimate the creature was only 20 feet from her.

Posted by Kathy.Strain on Friday, April 12, 2013 (21:59:22) (10307 reads)
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