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News › Woman has early morning sighting near Curtin, Oregon
Woman has early morning sighting near Curtin, Oregon

Report - Sighting Witness Name: A. M.

Date of Incident: October, 2007

Time of Incident: 5:00 a.m.

State: Oregon

County: Douglas

Nearest Town: Curtin

How many witnesses were there (including yourself)? 1

Please give as full a description of the sighting location: Road pavement, north side of the road is forest, south side of the road is pasture, 1/2 mile from the interstate.

What was the weather like that day? Cool but clear.

What was the light like? Dark, but had flashlight.

What was the nearest source of water? A year round creek runs approx 100yds south of the road, drainage creeks run all over the place

Please describe in your own words what you saw, heard, smelled: It was early one morning in mid-October of last year. Just an ordinary morning. The weather was cool and I don’t remember if there was a breeze or not, but it wasn’t foggy or anything. I went up our hill to get the paper around 5:00a.m. and, just as I do every morning, I shined (shone?) my flashlight all around as I am slightly afraid of the dark. We live in the country (Curtin, OR ) and it’s a mixture of pasture land and forest, and there are always wild critters roaming about. We have the usual raccoons and skunks, and also had a cougar pass through last summer as well, so I always make sure I am aware of my surroundings as I don’t want to be surprised, sprayed, or attacked by something. So this morning, I grabbed up the newspaper from the paperbox, turned around to head back in our gate, when my flashlight reflected off the eyes of a very tall creature heading toward me down the road. It was at least 6 feet tall, didn’t make any sound at all, and was hugging the forest side of the road about 50 feet away. I stared at it for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only 10 seconds or so, trying to comprehend what I was looking at. It kept moving toward me, walking very evenly, not a swinging upright gait like a bear. If I didn’t know that human eyes didn’t reflect light, I would have thought it was just a person walking down the road. It’s eyeshine was directly in the front of the head, where a human’s eyes would be, and it shone a reddish green color. I tried to process in my brain very quickly what it could be, as the neighbors have horses, and llamas, which possibly might have escaped, but I rejected that almost immediately. I kept staring, waiting for some noise, such as a growl, hoof beat, whuffling, something, but heard nothing but silence. So I immediately freaked and ran back in our gate and slammed it shut making a ton of noise. I ran a little down our driveway close to our dogs who had no clue what I was freaking out about. I turned and shined my light back up to the road and the creature was crossing the road and stood at the top of our pasture staring down at me. Just staring. That really made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. In the light of my flashlight I could tell it didn’t have a hind end area such as a horse or deer might have, it was just a tall upright creature, with two eyes that reflected the light, directly in the front of a face where a human’s eyes would be. The dogs still didn’t notice anything due to the silence, and if there had been a breeze, it would have been downwind from us, so they didn’t smell anything either, and it was only 20 feet away.

At this point I was done, so I ran in the house to get my hubby, but by the time he came out to check, it was no longer around that we could see. Later that day I checked the dirt area along the road where I had seen it walking and where it crossed the street to look at me, but didn’t find any tracks as there is a lot of gravel. I’ve been watching for it ever since, but I think I had my once in a lifetime sighting. The more that I think about it, I have convinced myself it wasn’t a danger to me, I think it was just curious.

Did you see any other animals at the time? no

How would you describe the terrain? The area is a small valley, surrounded by forest lands, pastures at valley floor.

Do you know of any other activity in the area? No

Do you think the animal realized it was being observed? Yes

Did the animal make any sounds during the incident? No

Is there anything else we should know at this stage? No

Follow up investigation by Kathy Strain:

The animal was approximately 6 feet tall, but the witness could not estimate the weight. Its torso and shoulder width were larger than an average man. The color of the hair was dark. It clearly had hands, but no other details of the body or face could be determined.

When the witness first saw the animal, she was approximately 50 feet from it. It was walking west, down the road. The gait was normal, neither rushed nor slow. It crossed the road in about 5 steps. The animal was within 20 feet of her before she turned and ran.

There are trees on the north side of the road, but pasture land on the other. Available food sources in the area include blackberries, elderberries, fruit trees, rodents, raccoons, and deer, as well as domesticated animals.

Posted by Kathy.Strain on Tuesday, March 18, 2008 (18:18:16) (10241 reads)
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