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News › Young Girls Have Sighting Near Lake Huron
Young Girls Have Sighting Near Lake Huron

Report - Sighting Witness Name: S. C.

Date of Incident: mid July 1965

Time of Incident: 10:00 p.m.

State: Michigan

County: Huron

Nearest Town: Caseville

How many witnesses were there (including yourself)? 6

Please give as full a description of the sighting location: Area full of cabins on Lake Huron Shoreline. Small lakeside town (today's population is around 2000). Sighting occurred in the Sand dunes. There is swampland directly inland from beach and the mouth of the pigeon river is here.

What was the weather like that day? clear calm full moon

What was the light like? full moon

What was the nearest source of water? Lake Huron to the north, swampland close by inland

Please describe in your own words what you saw, heard, smelled: When I was a child we used to go to Caseville every summer and rent a cabin on the Lake Huron shore. I believe I was 12, my sister 5, which would make it 1965 when this occurred.

One night there was a "weenie roast" on the beach, and all the families were invited to meet on the beach that night. Usually the beach was deserted at night. The moon was full that night.

I was standing by the campfire with a group of kids when a boy and girl came running up, and the boy was ranting and shaking and wild eyed with fright. He said "we were attacked by a witch-(remember as you read this these are all kids talking)"there's a witch in the sand dunes, it had set a trap and tried to grab us" He then proceeded to tell us that they had been walking in the dunes and had fallen into a hole that had purposely been covered with branches. Just as they were climbing out of the "trap", a "witch" came towards them and they ran.

We were all laughing and refusing to believe them, but I remember looking closely at him and he was really scared, breathing hard. He was adamant he was telling the truth, so we kids decided to go into the dunes to find the witch, and to go in pairs from different points.

I was climbing the path up into the dunes with another girl, and as the path was steep, I was looking down to watch my footing. Suddenly I heard a rumbling like a small motorcycle motor above me. My 1st thought was that a mini bike was coming towards us on the trail, but when I looked up, I saw this "thing" standing 8 feet or so in front of me, facing us, and realized the sound was growling.

The full moon was lighting it up from behind and to the side. My companion let out a gasp and immediately ran away, and at 1st I froze, but then I just smirked and thought, "I get it, this is a joke, the kid got us up here, now he's got a friend who's trying to scare us."

The creature was about 4 feet tall, and had massive shoulders like a football player with their shoulder pads on. It was standing up right, but appeared hunched forward at the shoulders, appeared to have no neck, and a relatively small and perfectly round head. Due to the moon being behind it I could not see the lower 2/3rds of the head nor could I see the face at all. I really tried to see the face, too, but it was totally dark. From the massive shoulders, it narrowed into a relatively small waist with short (comparatively) stocky legs bent at the knees, and big feet. The chest was smooth and looked at 1st like leather, but I realized I could see muscle outlined. The arms were longer than would be proportionate for a human, hung down to its knees, and the hands were long and large. He was facing me swinging his arms side to side, right left, and had stopped growling but was kind of grunting.( I say he as it was very masculine looking.)It was covered with orange hair. As I studied it, I realized I could see veins, tendons, hairs coming out of skin. I began to realize this thing was real not a costume. I saw what looked like about 1 inch long claws, clearly lit by the moon. I realized this thing was real, had started walking towards me, and had claws and a jolt of fear kicked me into gear and I ran. I know some say these animals don't have claws, but I saw claws, that's what made me panic. I am open to the possibility they were long fingernails.

As I was running, I remember being so afraid it was going to grab me, as it was coming slowly towards me and was only about 6 feet or so away when I ran. When I got down the dune onto the beach near a group of people I immediately turned and looked up the hill, but could no longer see anything there in the darkness of the hill. I was so shocked I said nothing, and never saw any of those kids again. They must've run home.

I remember thinking how grateful I was that it didn't grab me, and also wondered why it didn't, when it seemed to be coming towards me. Within a matter of minutes, my little sister (age 5) came down from the side of the same sand dune towards me, saying "I saw Frankenstein and the wolfman." I ran over excited and said "Did you see it?"

Now, years later as an adult, she swears she saw it too. What had happened was she wanted to follow the other kids into the dunes, but instead of taking the path, she climbed through the grass up the side of the dune. She says that she was at the top, just below the path, when a set of little feet ran by (the 1st girl). A few seconds later, a second set of feet (me) and then this "ape" came down the path and stopped in front of her. She was viewing it from the side, which was dark as the moon was on the other side of it. She only remembers the arms swinging, the grunting, and hairy hands and feet. She felt it appeared brown, but again she wasn't seeing it from a vantage point that would illuminate it like I did. She tells me she was right next to it, and she could have touched its ankle if she wanted to.

She yelled down to our mother that there was something up there, and my Mom replied something like "That's nice dear," and kept socializing. She tells me due to the yelling she's sure the thing knew she was there, right next to her, but it did not hurt her, threaten her, or touch her. When I asked her what her impression was, she felt that it seemed bewildered, confused, like it didn't know what to do. I tried to tell my parents but they wouldn't believe us. I was so afraid to sleep that night, as our cabin was mere yards from the path the encounter occurred on. However, nothing else occurred.

When I 1st started researching on the internet what I'd seen, I didn't think "Bigfoot," as it looked so different from the descriptions I'd heard and the photos I'd seen. However, now I know there are different varieties of "Bigfoot," and in fact my sighting looks very similar to the drawing on the cover of the "Legend of Boggy Creek" video

Did you see any other animals at the time? no

How would you describe the terrain? Great lakes shoreline. Sand dunes above lake, wooded area inland

Do you know of any other activity in the area? I have a cousin whose family used to own a lake front vacation house in Caseville when she was very small. They had a swamp directly behind their house, and their housekeeper (who is now deceased) used to tell them "There's something in that swamp."

Do you think the animal realized it was being observed? oh yeah!

Did the animal make any sounds during the incident? Growling, then grunting

Is there anything else we should know at this stage? I have a drawing that I made of it posted on the Texas BF site. Go to "Michigan" and "Huron county" to see it

Follow up investigation by Pete Wilson:

I talked to the witness, S. C., Age 54 (age 12 at the time of incident) on Aug. 15 about her sighting which took place during the summer (Mid-July) of 1965 in the area of Caseville, MI. Today there is an approx. population of 2000 inhabitance; quite a bit more than there was just over 40 years ago. The area around Caseville is farmland and wooded with quite a bit of marsh/swamp land nearby the dunes and the pigeon river empties into the Lake Huron in this area. The beach is lined with houses and cottages which are normally quiet with little activity after dark.

On this particular evening around 10pm and with a clear sky and a full moon; the witness and her parents who had rented a cottage, was enjoying the festivities of a weenie roast. The witness while watching the bonfire saw some kids who approached and excitedly talked about seeing a witch (one of the boys fell into hole “trap” and thought the witch was going o get him); of course, none of the adults believed them but Sue noticed the expression on their faces. The children (total of 6) decided to investigate further by going in pairs; with another girl going with Sue. They walked the beach and found the path which went up the sand dune (the dune was about 25-30 ft higher than the beach), which was sparsely covered with medium high beach grasses. As they approach the top of the dune; she heard what sounded like a Honda Trail 70 mini-motorcycle, making a growling, guttural sound. She looked up and with the moon in her eyes was able to see the animal standing on the trail about 10 feet in front of her. It was stomping it’s feet and swinging it’s arms side to side, growling. However, it never seemed to want to hurt her but seemed to be as confused over the situation as she was.

She described the creature as four feet tall (which she compared with a height she made on the side of a garage and measured that), with dark colored skin, possibly black and covered in 3-4 in long hair which could have been chocolate brown but appeared to have an orange tint to it (much like a orangutan). Its head was round like a bowling ball, no neck and its chest had little hair but was dark in color, kind of leathery. She estimated the shoulders at close to 3 feet wide and the whole body looked muscular; its legs were small but stout and the arms were heavily built and appeared longer than a humans; she could see veins, tendons, tensioning of muscle. She could have sworn it had claws instead of fingernails but looking back thinks they were just long. She was never able to see its face due to having the moonlight in her eyes and it’s slightly hunched over stature. One interesting point she made about the hand was it appeared longer than a humans hand and the thumb was positioned closer to the wrist (as compared to a humans) and slightly curled towards the fingers instead of being straight like ours.

The distance from herself to the animal was about 10 feet and it had quieted down from the growl to a low grunting sound. It then slowly moved towards her and got to within about 5 of her. The other girl ran first and then Sue ran shortly after her; as she crested the dune she looked back to where he’d been but only saw darkness. Unaware to Sue was the fact her sister (Age 5) who also saw the creature was almost underneath it but hidden by darkness as the side of the dune was dark where the moonlight didn’t reach, this was almost to the crest of the dune. Her sister saw one pair of feet (1st girl), then another pair (Sue) and then the hairy pair. (Sue is going to check with her Sister about what happened after that. Sue never saw another glimpse of the creature after that moment when she ran.

Looking back at the events, she thinks it had been drawn to the bon-fire, people talking and the children running around and had been watching them. She went back the next day but didn’t find any footprints. While watching the movie “The Legend of Boggy Creek”, she noticed the growling sound in the movie sound like that of the creature on the beach.

One other side note is that a relative who owned and lived in a house in Caseville had a swamp on one side. Their house-keeper Dew used to say that there was something in the swamp. Was it due to worry from children getting to close to the water and drowning or something else? Sue told of a younger cousin who was found screaming in her room one night and told her parents about seeing something looking into her bedroom window, her bedroom window faced the swamp.

Note: The TBRC used to have a drawing she drew from memory posted on their website, but we currently can't locate it on their site.

Posted by Kathy.Strain on Tuesday, March 18, 2008 (17:31:27) (10795 reads)
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Votes: 8

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