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News › Lake Chelan Sighting with Photographs
Lake Chelan Sighting with Photographs

Report - Sighting Update: A FS employee had come forward with photographic evidence showing he was in the location of the subject in this report. We will leave the report public at this point for those interested.

Name: Brent McCay

What are you reporting? Sighting, Other

Other: Please describe:
I was able to take two pictures of the creature also.

Date of Incident: August 23, 2007

Time of incident: 12:14 PM


County: Chelan

Nearest Town: Lucerne

How many witnesses were there (including yourself)? 2

Please give as full a description of the sighting location: My family and I were riding the Lady of the Lake 2 from Chelan to Stehekin. At Fields point we stopped and picked up 70 firefighters from Yakima who were going up to fight the Domke Lake fire. The firefighters base camp was at Lucerne we pulled into the dock to drop off the firefighters, then as the boat was backing out from the dock on the other side of the creek which runs by Lucerne I saw something moving on the banks of the lake.

What was the weather like that day? Clear and sunny it was a beautiful day.

What was the light like? It was close to noon and full sun so it was bright.

What was the nearest source of water? Lake Chelan and the creek which runs into the lake at Lucerne. I think the creek is called Holden creek but I’m not 100% percent on the name of the creek.

Please describe in your own words what you saw, heard, smelled: As we were backing away from the dock I saw something moving in the bushes on the other side of the creek from the firefighters base camp. My initial thought was what is a fire fighter doing that far away from the base camp. But, as I really looked at what I saw moving it, quickly became obvious that what I saw was not a firefighter. They were all wearing bright yellow shirts and dark green pants. What I saw was very dark brown or maybe even black. It was walking from the shore into the bushes. I initially only saw the upper torso and head as the creature walked behind a very large bush on the shore. I nudged my wife and kind of hollered at her, "What is that?" "What?" she said. I told her that I just saw something on the shore and pointed out for her where the thing had been and asked her to watch for it while I grabbed our camera. As I got the camera out my wife exclaimed , "Oh my gosh I see it, it looks kind of like an orangutan." "Where was it?" I asked her because I now had the camera out and ready. She told me that it had stood up next to the bush looking out at the boat and then had turned around started to head back up into the forest along the lake's shore. I ran to the bow of the boat to try to see if I could still see the creature as it walked up into the forest. When I got to the bow I saw the entire creature with its back toward me. Walking back up into the trees I fired off three pictures with the speed setting on my camera (a Nikon D40 SLR Digital) and was disappointed to realize that looking at the pictures on the screen of the camera that my 35mm lens was just not powerful enough to get a picture all I could see was trees the lake and the bushes along the shore. My wife and I were shocked and we spoke for awhile about what we had seen. We also explained to our older children 11 and 8 (who did not see the creature) that they probably shouldn't go around telling people their parents had seen a Bigfoot, because people would think we were wackos. That evening in Stehekin I pulled out the camera and looked at the pictures to see if I could see anything. I couldn't and began sulking out loud that I didn't have a better lens for the camera. My daughter said "why don't you just zoom in on the picture." I tried to explain to her that my lens wasn't a very good one and I had already zoomed in as much as I could when I took the picture. This is when my 11yr old daughter explained to me that most digital cameras allow you to zoom in on the picture after you've taken the shot. (where would I be without my kids?). So I zoomed in and there it was. In one of the pictures the creature was pretty clearly visible. The second one I could still see it pretty well and by the third which was taken less than a second later by the clock on my camera the creature is almost completely obscured by the trees.

Did you see any other animals at the time? No

Do you have photographs or video of the event? Yes

How would you describe the terrain? Other

Other Terrain: Rugged with thick brush

Do you know of any other activity in the area? The fires to the south at Domke Lake

Do you think the animal realized it was being observed? Please describe: Maybe because my wife said it stood up and looked at the boat and the started to head back into the forest.

Did the animal make any sounds during the incident? Please describe. Not which I heard but we were in the cabin at first. Plus even when I ran to the bow were probably 125 to 150 yards way from the creature.

Is there anything else we should know at this stage? I also sent a report to the BFRO and sent the pictures to them but i haven't heard anything from them since I sent in copies of the pictures. Maybe I should just be more patient, but it's not every day something out of the ordinary happens to me.

Follow up investigation by Kathy Harper:

The witness, Brent McCay, was born in Yakima Washington, but currently resides in Texas. The witness’s mother had recently passed away. Mr. McCay and family were fulfilling his mother’s wish for her ashes to be scattered in the Cascade Mountains. The family spent time in the area for a vacation afterwards. They were staying in Stehekan at the Northwest point of Lake Chelan. At the time of the sighting, the family was aboard a ferry boat named The Lady of the Lake II. The ferry was transporting firefighters to and from the Domke fire. The boat had just dropped off the firefighters at Lucerne where the firefighters were setting up a camp near the creek. From the information I gathered, it is my belief that the creek in the sighting is Railroad Creek, located near the town of Lucerne on the west side of the lake, south of Stehekin and north of Domke Lake. The terrain of this area is steep and rugged. Trees are mixed conifers and during the time of the fire, there were numerous blow downs and bug damaged trees fueling the fire and making efforts difficult for the firefighters. The area is abundant with black, red and oval-leaved huckleberry.

Mr. McCay estimated that the subject was between 7-8 ft tall and roughly 500lbs. The shoulders were very wide and arms quite long. There was no neck visible. The head was seen in profile and no sagittal crest was noted. The hair was described as very dark brown to nearly black and about the length of a long haired dog. The hair was sleek. The subject was described as being large and lean. The subject moved swiftly without running and seemed to cover a lot of ground in moments.

I spoke with the second witness on Monday, Oct 29th.

She stated that they were both sitting below deck when Brent stated “what is that?” She replied “where?” and he pointed towards the shore. Brent took off and she then saw a large dark figure step out from the bushes and look towards the boat. Due to the long arms and lean body, she immediately thought of the orangutans she had seen at the El Paso zoo a few weeks earlier. She describes the subject as very tall, lean, hairy and dark brown to nearly black all over. It had very long arms and she stated the elbows were level with its “hiney”. She could not distinguish the face. After pointing the subject out to her, Brent left to get a camera and went above deck.

The subject stood for only a moment, then turned and walked into the woods. The second witness stated the subject covered 20-30 feet of beach very fast, though not running. Her sighting of the subject lasted approximately 60 seconds.

The photos taken by the witness were submitted to Bill Appleton at Dreamfactory Software, Inc. His comments on the photos are as follows:

The color version shows extreme enhanced color. Note that there is no differentiation on the basis of clothing, no slight color differences for the pants/shirt/arms/shoes etc.

This means the figure was a uniform brownish color. These color differences cannot be hidden by daylight shadows in my experience.

The detailed version definitely shows this to be a bipedal humanlike figure. The dark area extends evenly to the face, legs, and hands.

I do not believe the pictures are, for example, an African American gentleman bathing in the river, or something like that.

The observed color with contrast enhancements does not seem to reflect human skin highlights. This figure is dark and uniform, and also quite stocky for a human.

The series of photos shows the figure to be moving around, this is not a trick of light and shadow accidentally captured in a single photo.

The tags on the original JPG images you sent me look like the originals. The pictures were taken by a Nikon D40, a modern digital version of 35 mm.

The date setting is one year off at 8/23/2008. Picture settings: 55 mm, F10, 1/250 sec, ISO 360, I believe this is auto mode.

The photos appear un-retouched & genuine.


Original photographs:

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Posted by Kathy.Harper on Tuesday, October 23, 2007 (16:24:52) (12573 reads)
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Votes: 37

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